AACTION is a 501(c)3 humanitarian organization dedicated to developing worldwide awareness, support and acceptance of autism through education and training.

2nd Annual AACTION White Sox Game and Tailgate!

Ticket options

or email Christopher (cflint@aactionautism.org) to arrange for ticket purchase and pickup.

All ticket purchases are tax deductible and go directly to supporting AACTION's mission. In November, we are bringing over a team of Nigerian professionals to train them on best practice autism diagnostics. They are going to set up the first diagnostic center in Nigeria and positively impact the lives of countless children.

AACTION Autism Annual Wine Tasting - Feb 13th

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AACTION Returns From Nigeria

Check out our newsletter published while in country!

AACTION Mission: Nigeria

Our Team: Katie Hench, Kim Goldsmith, Christopher Flint

Our Mission: To enhance autism awareness and strategies in Nigeria, Africa. We know on this journey, as with all of our other travels, we will learn as much as we share.

This is a very exciting trip for us. It is our first mission to Africa. This will be the first training of its kind in Nigeria, ans possibly all of Western Africa. We have so many activities planned besides teacher and parent training, including: radio interviews, a walk-a-thon, and school visits paired with consultation. We are taking the first step towards a long and important partnership with our colleagues in Nigeria.

This is also a special trip for another reason. The inspiration for starting AACTION seven years ago was a Nigerian woman, Yinka, speaking at a conference in North Carolina. Her passion and pleas were felt by Christopher Flint, who went back to Chicago to begin working on starting what would be become AACTION Autism. Seven years later, we will reunite with Yinka and fulfill our promise to assist her in any way we can.

We will attempt to update this blog with our journey as often as possible. We appreciate your support and could not do this without you!

AACTION Event - Save The Date!

AACTION Fundraiser at Kincade's!

Friday, MARCH 1, 7-10pm

Kincade's - 950 W Armitage, Chicago

Come eat, drink, and support AACTION's upcoming trip to NIGERIA!

In March, AACTION Autism will be sending a team of 3 volunteers to Lagos, Nigeria. While there, the team will be sharing information, providing training, and offering support to families and educators who are desperately trying to learn more about autism.

Please help our cause by attending our fundraising event from 7-9pm on March 1 at Kincade's (950 W Armitage, Chicago)!! Your support will make a difference for a child and their family in Nigeria.

More details to come!!

Volunteer Event Saturday - 1/19/12

We are hosting a volunteer event to create curriculum for an autism classroom in Barbados!


Thank you for your support!!

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